Art History on the Airwaves

Eastern Connecticut State University, Art & Art History 211: Introduction to Art History, Prehistory to 1400, 2018–present

Art majors at Eastern Connecticut State University worked in groups to propose, research, and record original podcasts discussing a theme in art history. Each podcast compares canonical works of art from the ancient and medieval worlds with an example of visual culture today, from Ai Weiwei to Rihanna.

Abstraction – Ian Valeta, Molly Wilson, and Alona Zettwoch, Fall 2021

Family Art Feud – Enrique Diaz, Jenna Levesque, and Jay Urban, Fall 2021

Los Intocables – Denisse Diaz-Sanchez, Ziwei Ding, and Laura Martinez

Race and Religion as it Intersects in Medieval and Modern Art – Trinity Cottle, Jayce Hamilton, and Sofia Lomba, Fall 2021

Ceramics – Isabel Butterick, Madeline DeMartin, Cris Mercado, and Raven Vanderberg, Fall 2018

Death – Anayeli Arroyo Aguilera, Elizabeth Harris, Russ Lowell, and Wendy Martinez Rojo, Fall 2018

Moore College of Art & Design, Art History 111: Convention, Canon, Sign, Spring 2016

Art History on the Airwaves: Gender Roles

First-year students at Moore College of Art & Design shared their thoughts about “Gender Roles in Art History” live on The Galleries at Moore Radio.

Digital Exhibitions

Eastern Connecticut State University Independent Study Projects

Abigail Wilson, Studying Safavid Carpets and the Western Lens

Presented at the SUNY-New Paltz Undergraduate Art History Symposium, April 2021

Megan Starbird, Queer Art History

Presented at CREATE, Eastern Connecticut State University, April 2021

Dylan Waddington, Symbolism and Meaning in Portraiture of Children

Note: at the student’s request, the images in this online exhibition have not been made publicly available.

Desiderio da Settignano, A Little Boy, 1455/1460 and The Christ Child (?), ca. 1460
National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, 1937.1.113 and 1943.4.94

Responding to Medieval Art

Bryn Mawr College, History of Art 212: Medieval Art & Architecture, Spring 2017

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 8.13.04 AM

A selection of student projects from “Responding to Medieval Art.” Students could either create an exhibition or create an original work of art in response to a medieval object they had studied in a museum setting.